New application (2015)

HDA 6-Illustrative Masterplan (Ref 554-1 31P)EA003-SL-004 (Site Layout)Revised planning application planIn May 2015, Warfield Park submitted a revised application to Bracknell Forest council. This new application reflects the feedback we have had and differs from the previous application in several respects:

  • Number of homes reduced The total number of park homes has been reduced from 142 to 100;
  • Extension areas removed The proposed smaller park extensions have all been removed so that now no woodland areas, no TPO trees and no designated Areas of Local Landscape Importance are affected by the new proposals;
  • North Field of Chavey Down Farm reduced The proposed extension of the park into the North Field of Chavey Down Farm has been substantially reduced from 49 to 18 park homes, the majority of which will be hidden from view by the adjoining woodland;
  • No Community Centre Extension It is no longer proposed to extend the community centre. This had attracted opposition during the previous consultation so there will now be no impact on parking or disturbance to park home occupiers close by the community centre;
  • No Allotments The allotments formerly proposed in the south field of Chavey Down Farm have been removed.

HDA 7 Detailed Landscape Masterplan  (Ref 554-1 44B)HDA 6-Illustrative Masterplan (Ref 554-1 31P) HDA 7 Detailed Landscape Masterplan  (Ref 554-1 44B)The proposals do bring additional benefits to the community in Warfield Park, Winkfield Parish and wider community of Bracknell Forest. These include:

  • SANGS and a Countryside Gap in Perpetuity The majority of the North Field, and adjoining woodland, is proposed to be offered as Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANGS) in perpetuity together with additional informal public open space. This will provide a recreational countryside park facility for all local residents and create a permanent countryside gap between Bracknell and Winkfield.
  • Job Retention and Creation The proposals will bring direct creation of three additional jobs in park management, the creation of six additional jobs during the construction period, as well as the indirect creation of further jobs within the local economy. The expansion of the park will also help retain the 25 existing jobs (19 by the Park, 6 by the shops).
  • Improved Community Facilities The application proposals will bring wider benefits for the existing community at Warfield Park including the upgrade and modernisation of ageing electricity supply network, the upgrade of the access drive from Long Hill Road and improved bus services. Independent surveys have revealed overwhelming support from park residents for the extension of the Park.
  • Financial Benefits The application will bring financial benefits for the wider Bracknell Forest community in the form of £95,948 of new council tax per annum (based upon 100 homes paying £959.48 each), £575,688 of new homes bonus (100 x £959.48 x 6 years), and payments for developer’s contributions towards facilities that may be required to serve the community infrastructure needs of the new residents.

We are seeking planning consent based on the following key aspects of national and local planning policy and practice guidance:-

  • Sustainable Development The proposed homes form an extension to an already sustainable 509 park home community with its own community centre and shops and has access to bus, cycle and pedestrian routes to local schools, supermarket (600m), district shopping, town centre and rail stations.
  • Delivering a 5 Year Housing Supply It has been established that Bracknell Forest Council (BFC) do not have a five year deliverable land supply. All 100 homes in our application can be delivered within a five year period, helping the council to address the current shortfall in its five year housing supply in accordance with the NPPF.
  • Homes for Older People The park homes will assist the council in addressing its national policy obligations to provide a mix of housing, including single storey accommodation akin to bungalows that address the housing needs of older people. There is currently a waiting list of 90 people looking for a home at Warfield Park.
  • Compatible with the Countryside It has been accepted by the council’s Chief Officer, a Planning Inspector and other councils that park homes are acceptable in locations outside the settlement boundary in the countryside.
  • No Affect on Protected Trees and Landscapes The layout of the proposed extension has been designed to avoid the most important landscape and nature conservation features and will not harm the designated local Wildlife Heritage Site and River Corridor (policies EN4 and EN14).