Mr. Archie MacLaren
Warfield Park has come a long way since it was purchased by Archie Maclaren, one of England’s most famous cricketers and team captains, in around 1934. His son, Ian Maclaren, subsequently developed the park as it is known today in the post war years, creating the road network and implementing a tree planting programme on the 92 acres of what was then quite open land.
Historic picture of  Warfield ParkThe park has grown organically over the years, giving it its unique and charming character with the lanes winding between well-established hedges and mature trees, making it one of the most beautiful home parks in the country. The park continues to evolve, and has reached a stage where it needs to make some important decisions. There is a housing need in Bracknell for affordable low cost homes, especially for young families wanting to get on the housing ladder, and older residents, or ‘empty nesters’, who want to downsize to something more manageable now that the family has moved out. Historic picture of  Warfield ParkWarfield Park is ideal to meet some of those needs, while retaining the essential informal character of the area.Existing Site Plan with Labels The park’s utilities also need investment to modernise them, and this has to be financed. In the 2012 survey, park residents expressed a preference that this financing came out of further development of the park instead of increased pitch fees.
Historic picture of  Warfield ParkThis preference, and the viability of such financing, has been taken on board and proposals are being created, on which Warfield Park is now seeking your further input and comments.
New development could also bring significant additional benefits to the community of Warfield Park and the wider area.
Little pond in Warfield ParkThe MacLaren House