The proposal

Site plan snipLinden Homes has already identified the importance of maintaining a distinct separation distance between the neighbouring   settlements of Melbourne and Kings Newton.

It is proposing:

• a scheme of circa 120 units designed to reflect the local design vernacular

• a range of open market 2 through to 4 bedroom properties

• a large area of green play space at the site entrance, to create a village green feel

• on-site affordable housing provision of   30%, pepper potted throughout the development in groups

• several areas of pubic open space

• retaining the character of Jawbone Lane

• retaining existing hedgerows, and additional planting to the north-east of the site

The proposed design is intended to create its own identity. Creating places to be within the development is a key feature to this. Meeting places and character areas are always seen to be positive aspects of street design.

On entering the site, there is a large area of green play space, which is intended to create a village green feel, with all existing vegetation to be retained. Through this landscape area there is an intention to place a footway along the roadside, where there isn’t any existing amenity of this sort.

Along Jawbone Lane, it is the intention to retain as much hedgerow as possible with some driveway access onto the lane. This is where a central crossroad feature is intended to be, creating a change in surface material and on-street tree planted area, with feature plots all overlooking this feature point.

Working our way into the northern parcel, there is a main street with plots overlooking the street scene and small tributary roads leading to private courtyards, with their own character through material design.

As we reach the most north part of design, we find ourselves at an exposed part of development. This is a good area in which to place an area of green space:  since we are also adjoining a boundary with an existing public footpath, it would be good to create a link onto the green space to make it useable not only to properties on the development but also to the public who use the footpath.

Overall, we feel the development respect its surroundings and would create a good place to live .

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