Next steps

Greyfriars QuarterAugust to December 2014:  Continue consultations and local engagement with residents and stakeholders. Consider revisions to the planning application.

December 2014:  Hold formal pre-application meetings submission of planning application statutory consultation period further discussions with South Derbyshire District Council (SDDC) planning and Housing officers, as well as Derbyshire CC Highways office. The application was validated by SDDC on December 24.

January 2015:  Publish the results of the consultation, including Linden’s responses to the issues raised by the local community. A newsletter encapsulating this was delivered to residents around the development on January 30, and published on this website the same day.

February 2015:  The formal SDDC consultation on the planning application concludes on Tuesday, February 3. Melbourne Parish Council to consider the application at its regular counciul meeting on the same day.

February to April 2015:  Continuation of processing of the application, including seeking responses from the statutory consultees, with the possiblility of it being considered by the Planning Committee in March or April.