About Us

Planning public relations and communications.

PlanningConsultation has been developed as a planning communications and public relations tool to facilitate comprehensive engagement with local communities and local stakeholders surrounding a proposed development or one underway. Using the internet in this way provides the general public with a single source of unequivocal information about current proposals, activities and issues, and an easily accessible channel by which they can comment, make suggestions and have their queries answered.

The democratic function of the planning system has always had two major constraints: that only a minority of the local community gets involved in the process, and that it is always difficult for anyone to find out detailed information about a proposed or current development and the issues involved. PlanningConsultation attempts to address both of those shortcomings.

This website and the tools included here are tailored to each project, ranging from simple background information through to the use of interactive and evaluation tools enabling visitors to complete questionnaires and those responses to be mapped using Google tools, allowing concerns and issues surrounding larger projects to be displayed visually.

The evaluation and display tools are very innovative – click here to view a demonstration. Again, they will be tailored to the needs of the project and client but can range from displaying real time online issues raised by the community, through to offline periodic evaluation of issues for project purposes.

With the introduction of a bottom-up planning system through the upcoming Localism Bill, there will be a need (and an obligation) for developers to engage with communities early, and effectively. PlanningConsultation will help achieve that need.